HAPPY FARM has properly-equipt and well-maintained transportation (two 6-passenger vans) to and from Cindrich Elementary School.
Meals & Snacks
HAPPY FARM has FoodSafe certified staff who prepare on-site healthy meals and snacks that are culturally, vegan and allergy-oriented - these are included in the monthly fee.
Happy Farm works with parents in providing an easy payment plan and honours the Child Care Subsidy.

Welcome to Happy Farm Children’s Centre

Please imagine at this time, children are in the spring of their lives — a time when they grow the fastest and evolve with their environment. Like the animals on the farm picture, the children at HAPPY FARM are loved and nurtured. Cherry blossoms floating on the breeze and the warmth of the early morning light evoke the sensations of the season. The farm is waking up. The little chick fluffs its feathers. The mother duck leads her babies to the pond. The children will be out exploring soon — their tummies full of pancakes. They’ll scramble up the rope ladder to their secret hide-away. They will wade in the stream and roll down the hill between the cows. But, for now, there’s silence as the colt gazes at the rocking horse, reaching out to nuzzle his friend.


What Parents Say About Us

You are truly a blessing in our familys life especially my sons!
The B. Family
I just want to say Thanks to you and to all the Teachers for building up G for everything.

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